Most hospitalized patients received intravenous therapy. The use of basic infusion solution is very common in restoring the body’s fluid.

puskesmasLooking at the strategic position of the basic infusion solutions within patient therapeutic management particularly for the hospitalized patients, basic infusion solution has been regarded as a very-very essential medical drugs.  That means basic infusion solution plays as an important role to save patients from death due to loss of body’s fluid.

As a matter of fact, the use of basic infusion solution per capita in Indonesia is relatively small compared to other neighboring countries.  In such conditions, it is a challenge for WIDATRA, as well as for medical practitioners to increase the use of basic infusion to achieve successful treatments.

Sine 1992, WIDATRA manufactures the most commonly used basic infusion solution as the generic with logo products. In daily term it is called generics.  As the products sell at affordable prices, millions of patients in rural hospital and thousand of Community Health Center (PUSKESMAS) throughout Indonesia could enjoy the benefit.

hospitalAt the same time, WIDATRA serves the high-income market by supplying its branded products called WIDATm to large public and private hospitals in major urban centers across Indonesia.

By serving both end of the markets with branded and generic products, WIDATRA expects to further strengthen its leading market position, while making a significant contribution towards improving the quality of health care for every level of society in Indonesia.