WIDATRA’s distribution capabilities across the world’s largest Archipelago have been amply demonstrated by the widespread availability of the WIDATRA-made basic intravenous solution in hospitals and infirmaries across the nation. This nationwide network is now complemented by efforts to build an international distribution network.

Over the years, WIDATRA has built a distribution network with extensive reach. Such a network is critical to the delivery of our products across the length and breadth of Indonesia, a strong feature of WIDATRA that has made it to being the largest producer and supplier of basic intravenous solution products in South East Asia and surrounding countries.

WIDATRA’s distribution is undertaken by the wholly-owned subsidiary operations of PT Merapi Utama Pharma (Merapi), which currently has offices and warehouses in 33 cities throughout Indonesia. The distribution by Merapi is also widely accepted and supported by Indonesian state-owned pharmaceutical distribution company.

In its efforts to ensure the distribution of WIDATRA’s parenteral solutions to the most remote villages, Merapi uses all means of transportation available at its disposal, at times even having to engage the services of traditional boatmen to ferry products across vast expanse of rivers and waterways.

Having secured a nationwide distribution network, WIDATRA has set its sights on engaging international distributors to gradually increase WIDATRA’s exports to markets in South East Asia and surrounding countries and the Pacific Islands. The first export shipments were carried out in 2006 to Timor Leste, followed by export shipments to Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and other countries.

As the designated Regional Manufacturing Center of OTSUKA Japan for basic intravenous solution, the mandate for WIDATRA now is to broaden its market horizons even more by capturing similar opportunities in other countries across the region.