Fast Breaking with PT Widatra Bhakti

bukber8On Thursday, July 17 2014, PT Widatra Bhakti (Widatra) had an iftar or fast-breaking in Ramadhan Month, with Mr. Muslich from MUI Depok as ulama. President Director Mr. Kazunori Umetsu and Sales & Marketing Director Mr. Handy Rusman officially started an event by delivering speech.

Guests were Widatra’s commissioner Mr. Harry Bagyo, representatives from PT Merapi Utama Pharma as a major distributor, and all people from sales and marketing in Jakarta.

bukber12“The Wisdom of Ramadhan” was the main topic. Spiritual rewards (pahala) were believed to be multiplied within the month of Ramadhan, so Muslims were advised to increase of doing well, charity, and avoid sinful behavior. As a religious society, Muslims had to make tolerance stronger and better.


On this event, Widatra also gave a Ramadhan package to all office boys and securities at Wisma Tugu building, a place where Widatra addressed.