Registration Procedure by BPJS Kesehatan

Beneficiary Dues Registration

The data collecting of those who live in poverty, who are PBI (Beneficiary Dues) participants, is directed by a governmental institution on statistics field (Central Bureau of Statistics) verified and validated by the Ministry of Social.

Besides the PBI participants who are fixed by the central government, there are also people who are registered by local government based on Governor/Regent/Mayor Decree integrated Jamkesda into JKN program.

Registration for Salaried Employee Participant (PPU)

  1. Company/Business Entity registers all the employees and their family to BPJS Kesehatan office, by attaching:
    1. Business/Legal Entity Registration Form
    2. Employee and family Migration Data based on a format standardized by BPJS Kesehatan
  2. Company/Business Entity receives a Virtual Account (VA) number enabling payment to the collaborated Bank (BRI/Mandiri/BNI).
  3. The premium payment slip is stored to BPJS Kesehatan office, it will enable JKN card or e-ID is printed individually by the company/business entity.

Registration for Non-Salaried Employee Participant (PBPU) and Non-Labors

  1. The participant candidate registers individually at BPJS Kesehatan office
  2. Registering all the family member listed in Family Card
  3. Filling out the DIP form by attaching:
    • Family Card (KK) copy
    • ID Card/Passport copy
    • One of family members’ Saving Book copy
    • 1 pc 3 x 4 photo
  4. After registering, the candidate will get a Virtual Account (VA) number
  5. Paying the premium through the collaborated Bank (BRI/Mandiri/BNI)
  6. The payment slip has to be stored to BPJS Kesehatan office to get a JKN card.

Registration which is not through BPJS Kesehatan office, can be directed via BPJS Kesehatan website

Registration of Non-Labors Through Legal Entity (Retired BUMN/BUMD)

The retired registration process, whose pension fund is managed by legal entity, can be registered collectively through a legal entity by filling out the registration form and membership migration data.

Access date: November 8 2017