Community Service


Being one with the community is part of the goals of WIDATRA as it continuously seek to develop partnership and long-lasting relationship with all stakeholders. This involves building trust and showing goodwill to members of the communities in which WIDATRA operates.

In return for this support, WIDATRA has endeavored to share its good fortunes with communities – providing free health care services from time to time, participating in blood donor program to support the Indonesian Red Cross, donating funds to schools and public learning facilities, and helping out with the construction of public utilities including sports facilities, places of worships and others. WIDATRA has also paid more attention to help disaster victims e.g tsunami – Aceh and Nias, earthquake – Nabire and floods.

One of the realization of PT Widatra Bhakti social activities is to enhance the welfare of the employees and their families as well as the neighbouring community.

The most important  social activities of PT Widatra Bhakti is customer service to provide quality medicine at competitive price throughout the country.

Employee’s Welfare

hut11Employee’s welfare is foremost in the aims and aspiration of WIDATRA. A key mission statement of the company, whereby WIDATRA states that it is “concerned with the welfare of our employees and their families and shall ensure their personal development and retirement plan,” our human resources career development and retirement program are among the best in the country. All WIDATRA employees are provided with the normative pension plan and covered by the Workers’ Social Security Programs of Jamsostek. These programs provide the basic protection required of full-time workers, by ensuring the continuation of the family income flow as compensation for full or partial loss of income resulting from social risks including injury sustained from work, death or retirement age. In addition, WIDATRA employees are covered with life insurance and pension plan by Widatra Bhakti Pension Fund to assure their future after retirement.

“WIDATRA is concerned with the welfare of employees and their families.”

For its employees, WIDATRA always strives to provide a conducive working environment by adhering fully to labour laws and regulations in the interest of workers, submitting to the required collective agreements that are renewable every two years. WIDATRA supports joint activities of its employees outside office hours in order to ensure harmony and good human relations.

Sport activities are facilitated through the company’s official teams of badminton, football, volleyball and table-tennis which participate in regional inter-company meets and competitions. Whereas social interaction between employees are facilitated among other things through the internal newsletter magazine, the “WidaNews” that are published quarterly involving the participation of employees.

Welfare Support

Being a company that deals with health care matters, it is only natural if WIDATRA’s employees receive full medical assistance benefits from the company in times of illness that happened to them or their families. This is part of the welfare support that WIDATRA’s employees can expect from the Widatra Employee Welfare Foundation (Yayasan Kesejahteraan Karyawan Widatra Bhakti), which in addition to the above medical assistance, also includes a housing program for selected workers, scholarship for deserving children of the employees, and recreational activities for employees and their families.

“Building trust and showing goodwill to members of the communities.”