WIDATRA looks forward to a bright future for the infusion solutions market in this region in line with huge population and the increasing awareness of the use of infusion solutions. Therefore, WIDATRA will continue focusing on strengthening its market leadership in basic infusion solutions through Learning Organization (Creative Thinking, Innovation, Synergy and Customer Service).

Concurrent with the basic infusion solutions, WIDATRA will also look for other opportunities in the market, including developing further the WIDA range of products as branded infusion solutions. Additionally, WIDATRA intends to market its products beyond Indonesia, across Southeast Asia, where the needs for basic infusion solutions are still available.

Since its establishment, WIDATRA puts all efforts to seek for a suitable business field not only for the interest of its founder and shareholders of the company, but also for all stakeholders. After having experienced many times up and down, and after considering various business field and products, finally WIDATRA has the confidence that to become an infusion solutions company is the best and suitable field to face future challenges. Along its history, WIDATRA has been very grateful on having loyal employees and their commitments.

In March 2004, WIDATRA obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certificate from TUV Rheinland Group, Germany, testifying its high standards of quality management system in the manufacturing, design & development, as well as sales & marketing of LVPs.  At the same time, WIDATRA launched its new logo indicating the dynamics of the company to pursue the growth and development by obeying all law and regulations as well as ethics.

By constantly focusing on achieving its mission through the values, WIDATRA believes that the stated vision “to be the biggest and most reliable infusion solution company” would come true